Company Profile

Soon 15 years of service

Established in 2002, the company Expertises technico-légales Danny Kack developed, over the years, an excellent reputation in the domain of legal expertise. A majority of insurance companies operating in Quebec now retain our forensic services. The company’s offices are located in Montreal.


Constantly evolving

Our experts are constantly at the leading edge of technology through their implication in continuing education to enhance the quality of our technical services and the well-development of the company. Moreover, since its creation, the company is in a perpetual growth and is more recognized as a significant member in the legal expertise’s industry. Expertises technico-légales’ experts distinguish themselves from competitors for their exceptional quality and sustained effort in technical inquiries.


Danny Kack

Furthermore, M. Danny Kack, president and founder of the company, holds more than 19 years of experience in the domain of fire investigation. He performed over 1500 inquiries regarding forensic investigations and is recognized as an expert witness in Court litigations. Owning a Master degree in engineering, he possesses a high level of technical skill and acts as an outstanding inquirer in the forensic science industry.

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