Versatile, the company Expertises technico-légales DK offers a full range of services in the domain of investigation.


We give the best of ourselves in every mandate received: we take many photographs in order to confirm the origin and the cause of the disaster, besides carrying out in-depth researches according to the various components of each case. We make reconstitutions and trials in our laboratory to prove our hypotheses and conclusions. We produce exhaustive reports identifying the origin and the cause of disasters in litigation cases, and then these can be presented as solid proof to the Court. Our engineers do inquiries with meticulousness and extraordinary professionalism, mastering the following domains:



Origin and cause of fire

With a few hundred cases in this domain in our asset, it is the heart of the company. Via inquiries on the establishment of the origin and the cause of fire in buildings and vehicles, Expertises technico-légales DK surpasses his competitors with regard to its quality and service.


Electrical Engineering

Everything that is related to electrical engineering, including equipment’s failures, electrical and fire alarm systems in buildings, are no longer a secret for our company.


Civil Engineering

Always at the leading edge of technology, our company knows everything there is to know on the evaluation of structures, foundations, and drainage and plumbing systems.


Mechanical Engineering

Constantly taking courses in continuing education in the domain, our experts master building’s (ventilation, heating, sprinklers) and vehicle’s mechanics, as well as analyzing the equipment.


Expertise in explosion

Whether it is an explosion of a building or a vehicle, our company will drive an inquiry with precision and care in order to discover the circumstances having led to such a disaster.


On top of being supported by skillful and rigorous engineers regarding inquiry, the company is famed for his capability to fully grasp codes, norms and regulations applicable at this time in North America. Our experts prepare reports and evaluations of high quality that are well-known at the Court, and present viable and practical solutions, always respecting current standards. Our precision, work’ strictness and versatility are what makes our company renowned.


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